Chemistry maintains a full-service NMR lab open 24x7 for the scientific and engineering communities at UT-Austin.  The Norman Hackerman Building (NHB) houses three open access 400 MHz systems on the fifth floor (rm 5.342) and five more spectrometers (400 MHz - 600 MHz) in the basement (rm 0.230), three of which are also designated open access.  Together, these instruments offer a broad suite of research tools, from routine self-run spectroscopy at 400 MHz, to specialist run liquids NMR at 600 MHz and solid-state NMR at 400 MHz. 

Introduction and training with certification are required to gain access to the spectrometers, after hours entry to the labs and invitation to read NMR data files from their cloud server UT-Box.  The initial training provides necessary knowledge for acquiring 1H and 13C spectra in our 5th floor lab.


Fifth floor NMR lab

MR1-400, MR2-400, and MR3-400: single-sample open-access spectrometers.
5 spectrometers in NHB 0.230

Basement NMR lab

NEO-400, 3M-500, Prodigy-500, open access. Solids-400, Ox-600: specialist.